Renewable Energy, Commercial,
and Other Services



During its early years, Cenizo focused primarily on oilfield and ranch earthwork. However, in recent years, we have expanded our scope to many other industries that also power and supply America-such as the solar power industry (pictured). We are honored to help build the foundation for buildings, facilities, etc. that are integral for our nation to function. 


Cenizo has the capacity to render the mass excavation of over a million yards of dirt on a single project (pictured) but also the attention to detail to construct small-scale, intricate earthwork projects. We get excited over projects large and small and are proud to have aided in construction projects such as the building of an elementary school and large warehouse sites. 



Additionally, we have completed earthwork construction and maintenance for railroads, landfills, electric companies, and more, and we are continually looking to grow the industries we service. We are here to provide "services beyond expectations" to all in need of high-quality, cost-effective earthwork!


What can we build for you?

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