About Us

Established in South Texas in 2003, Cenizo Services is a family-owned construction company that has been providing high-quality earthwork services for over two decades. Cenizo Services operates based upon our core values of quality, efficiency, integrity, and safety. We are dedicated to the continued satisfaction of our customers and aim to exceed their expectations with every project.

Core Values

Our Mission

To provide earthwork services that carry a reputation for outstanding quality, safety, and cost effectiveness and to provide a collaborative, rewarding, and safe work environment for our employees.


Building for the Future


Cenizo Services is one of the only earthwork contractors that possesses an in-house 4D modeling system. We are therefore able to perform superior-quality work with our use of the most advanced technology available.

Our drones capture aerial imagery which is then processed in our cloud based photogrammetry platform to create 2D orthomosaics, 3D models, digital elevation models, and 3D point clouds. This is the basis for creating 4D models. The models are then converted to machine control through the GPS system. 

To learn more about this process, watch the video below!


What can we build for you?

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